About Europass

The reliable European tool to manage your career

About Europass

Europass aims at supporting the understanding and transparency of skills and qualifications.

It was adopted by the European Commission in 2004

It was revised in April 2018 with the aim of providing modern tools best reflecting the way we learn and work.

History of Europass


2004: Institutionalization

Europass is established on 15 December 2004 by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union Decision 2241/2004/EC

2005: Europass website

Official launch of the Europass website

2016: EU Skills Agenda

Integration of Europass into the new EU skills Agenda

2018: The proposal for the new Europass was adopted

Preparations for the new Europass kick-off   Decision (EU) 2018/646 of the European Parliament and the European Council of 18 April 2018.

2019: 150 million CVs

2.5 million visits to the Europass portal per month
668.837 CVs from Greece in 2019

July 1, 2020: New Europass platform

The new Europass platform is launched providing a set of tools and services for the benefit of citizens and organizations.


Europass Resolution 2018

Το Ψήφισμα του Ευρωπαϊκού Κοινοβουλίου της 11ης Δεκεμβρίου 2018 σχετικά με την εκπαίδευση στην ψηφιακή εποχή:
προκλήσεις, ευκαιρίες και διδάγματα για τον σχεδιασμό πολιτικής της ΕΕ (2018/2090(INI))  μπορείτε να  βρείτε εδώ

Europass Resolution 2004

της 15ης ∆εκεµβρίου 2004
σχετικά µε το ενιαίο κοινοτικό πλαίσιο για τη διαφάνεια των επαγγελµατικών προσόντων και ικανοτήτων
(Europass)μπορείτε να την βρείτε εδώ  

Europass Εvaluation Report

Η  2η τελική  έκθεση αξιολόγησης της πρωτοβουλίας  Europass   βασίζεται στην ανάλυση των αποτελεσμάτων από έρευνες που διενεργήθηκαν σε τελικούς χρήστες, σε εμπλεκόμενους φορείς και στα Εθνικά Κέντρα Europass που λειτουργούν σε 35 χώρες κι έχουν εμπειρία από την εφαρμογή του europass καθώς και σε συνεντεύξεις και έρευνα πεδίου και διενεργήθηκε από την PPMI (2013).  Μπορείτε να την κατεβάσετε εδώ 


Europass provides a set of free tools and services to help you plan every step of your career! 

 Find information about education and employment opportunities and support in order to present and document your qualifications!

Available free of charge in 29 languages

National centers inform and coordinate Europass actions in Europe.

Career management tools

It facilitates academic and professional mobility in the countries of Europe

It strengthens the link between education/training and the world of work.

It makes qualifications and skills to employers and educational institutions identifiable and transparent

New Europass

what’s new?

A free public service for everyone

In July 2020, the new Europass platform www.europass.eu  was launched providing the necessary framework and tools to support career and access to education and the labor market for all.

It introduces online modern tools responding to the changing ways we learn and work. It is managed by the European Commission.

The new Europass is your personal digital space where you can gather all your educational and work experience, present your skills and discover opportunities that Europe can offer.

Can my qualifications be understood anywhere in Europe?


Το Europass σας βοηθά να παρουσιάσετε το προφίλ σας ή το CV σας με έναν τρόπο που είναι κατανοητός σε ολόκληρη την Ευρώπη. Στη νέα πύλη Europass θα βρείτε πληροφορίες για εθνικά και ευρωπαϊκά δίκτυα αναγνώρισης προσόντων ώστε να ενημερωθείτε κατάλληλα καθώς και να επωφεληθείτε από τα Ψηφιακά διαπιστευτήρια Europass.

Can I search for work or an educational program in Europass?

Nαι, στο Europass μπορείτε αναζητήσετε μια θέση εργασίας στην Ευρώπη μέσα από την βάση δεδομένων χιλιάδων θέσεων εργασίας που δημοσιοποιεί το δίκτυο Eures.

Μπορείτε να αναζητήσετε επίσης εκπαιδευτικά προγράμματα, να προετοιμάσετε και να στείλετε αιτήσεις, να αναγνωρίσετε τους στόχους και τα ενδιαφέροντά σας, να αναδείξετε τις δεξιότητές σας

Δημιουργήσετε σήμερα το προφίλ σας στο www.europass.eu  και επωφεληθείτε από τις υπηρεσίες που προσφέρει το Europass για εσάς!

What it offers

Free tools to manage your career


Europass tools help you describe and effectively present skills, qualifications and experiences to employers or educational institutions across Europe.

Europass tools support you in planning every step of your career!

Learn more about Profile, CV, Mobility, Diploma Supplement, Certificate Supplement

Work in Europe


In Europass, you can search for a job in Europe through the database of thousands of jobs published by the Eures network.

Find reliable information about the needs and skills the labor market requires to plan your next step.

 Find more information about the task in the country of your interest.

Get personalized suggestions that suit you for jobs across Europe.

Education in Europe


Get proposals that suit you for educational programs across Europe.

​Find more information on studies in the country of your interest.

Look out for reliable information on validation and recognition of qualifications, as well as counseling and career guidance to help you in your career.



Europass interoperability facilitates the exchange of data and information between individuals, different services and providers of education, training and employers.

Learn more about what the interoperability Europass offers here

Skills and interests


Think about what skills you have and highlight them in your profile.

Europass helps you with the ESCO classification system to identify and record your skills.

It also provides you with tools to assess skills yourself such as linguistic and digital skills.

Set your professional and educational goals and interests and take the next step in your career!

Digital Credentials


Digital Europass credentials allow you to download and share the degrees, diplomas and certificates that are awarded to you by education and training institutions in an easy, digital and effective way.

They describe your qualifications and may also include information about your courses, your scores, papers, and other achievements. Learn more here

why use europass?

Europass Profile

Create your profile to present all your qualifications, skills, knowledge, awards, experiences in a single secure online place. Your profile gives you access to a range of other services Europass offers for you!

Europass CV

Create CVs and cover letters with one click. Europass allows you to choose between different standards! Upload and edit CVs and cover letters tailored to each application you submit!

Certificate Supplement

This document gives you more information about your vocational education and training certificate. 

Diploma Supplement

This document provides information about your diploma to be better understood by employers and educational institutions abroad

Europass mobility

The document describing the skills you gained from a mobility experience abroad carried out for training purposes.  

Do you want to start or continue your studies? At europass.eu you will find training opportunities as well as all  useful information about the country you are interested in studying.

Looking for a job or a new challenge?  At europass you will find jobs all over Europe through the Eures network.

Discover the tools that support your education and professional career!

Employers, institutions, educational institutions can also benefit from the services offered by europass, in various ways.


Helps you:

  • Discover your skills and qualifications
  • Be reliably informed about education and work opportunities across Europe
  • Write Cvs  and cover letters using templates you can customize to your needs
  • Contact the appropriate support and career guidance networks

new europass

how does it work?

You can browse the Europass page and search for jobs and educational programs in Europe!

Create your CV as a visitor, which you save on your computer.

You will need to create  an EU account  to get full access to Europass services.

How do I create an account?

Go to europass.eu  Select “Create your free Europass”

Enter your e-mail, select a strong password.

You will immediately receive a confirmation email to activate your profile

Creating an account is necessary to access all Europass services.

Is the account needed?

No, you may have access to some Europass services as a visitor. You can create a CV or your profile, but the information is not stored for more than 48 hours. You will need to save your CV on your computer. You can also search for jobs and educational programs.

 You will need to create an account to get full access to all services offered by Europass. 

How secured is the account?

Europass collects anonymous statistics (e.g. how many visitors have been registered in Europass) and trends (e.g. how many Europass users have advanced digital skills).Your personal information will never be used in this process.

Europass will never share your profile or documents without your consent. 

More about Personal Data Protection can be found here

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