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Are you ready to learn something new?

Are you looking for a new job?

Europass can help you find the right job.

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Europass provides a set of free tools and services to help you plan every step of your career!


What Europass offers

Europass is a reliable European tool for your career. It provides a set of tools and services free of charge in 29 different languages.

It is your personal digital space where you can record all your educational and work experience, present your skills and discover opportunities that Europe can offer. Discover the tools being available to you free of charge.

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Development of skills, qualifications and experiences

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Create a CV and cover letter

Certificate Supplement

For vocational training certificate holders

Diploma Supplement

For higher education institutions graduates

Europass Mobility

EUROPASS Mobility Document

Digital Credentials

The European Commission’s reliable service for digital diplomas, certificates and degrees.

Whom it concerns

Those looking for educational opportunities


Europass has been designed to help anyone looking for new knowledge and skills

Με το Εuropass σχεδιάζετε κάθε βήμα της σταδιοδρομίας σας!

Job seekers


Europass has been designed to help anyone looking for a job in Europe.

Those looking for new challenges


Europass has been designed to help anyone looking for a job in Europe. 



They can benefit in many ways from Europass tools to better understand the vocational qualifications of candidates and to have access to their profile, should they allow it, to form a more comprehensive opinion.

Higher Education Institutions, Schools, Vocational Education and Training institutions


Educational institutions better understand the qualifications of trainee candidates and give a push to their institution using Europass Digital Credentials and tools.

Career counselors and relevant stakeholders


You can help your mentees create and refresh their profile and find reliable information about work and education in Europe.  


Mobility: Issue the document

If you are an institution moving abroad for education and training purposes, you can issue the ‘Europass Mobility form’ for mobility experiences gained by pupils/students/workers in your organization moving from Greece to another European country. 

You will need to sign up to the Electronic System for Mobility of the National Europass Center and follow a specific procedure.

Do you have a vocational training diploma?

Certificate Supplement

Find for free and download the document that accompanies the studies title-qualification and gives more information about it. Help others better understand what you’ve studied.

On our page you will find the Certificate Supplement for more than 300 specialties(Vocational Training Institutes, EPAL Apprenticeship).

Europass Network

35 National Centers in Europe

The European Europass network aims to improve the transparency of professional qualifications and skills, support educational and professional mobility and promote citizens’ employability.

As an outward-looking network, Europass informs, the public, and in particular young people, through targeted actions, so that an increasing number of interested parties understand and benefit from Europass tools. 

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