Europass Certificate Supplement

The Europass Certificate Supplement shall be granted to vocational education and training diploma or certificate holders. (E.g. Vocational Training Institute, EPAL (Upper Secondary Vocational Education) Apprenticeship)

It provides information on the skills acquired by the diploma or certificate in order to make it more comprehensible, in particular to employers and institutions abroad

The information in the Europass Certificate Supplement is provided by the competent national authorities.

A European document clarifying the qualification and is common to all diploma or certificate holders of the same specialty


εuropass certificate supplement

A document describing the knowledge and skills acquired by holders of vocational training certificates.


what is it?


It provides additional information to that already included in the official certificate and/or transcript, making it more easily understood, especially by employers or institutions abroad.

What is not ?

 Europass Certificate Supplement is not:

A substitute for the original certificate;

An automatic system that guarantees recognition.


Who is it for ?

Any person who holds a vocational education and training certificate.



Provides information


  •  the purpose of your professional qualification

  •  its level

  • its learning outcomes

  • the national education system.



 employers and educational institutions to understand your vocational qualification.

Where can it be obtained?

Most countries have set up National inventories of Certificate Supplements.

In Greece, the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (E.O.P.P.E.P.) operating the National Reference Point for Vocational Qualifications is competent to issue the supplement for Vocational Training Institutes and EPAL Apprenticeship specialties as it is the body certifying these qualifications

obtain your europass certificate supplement 

If you are holder of a vocational education and training diploma by a Vocational Training Institute or by EPAL Apprenticeship, you can find and download the Europass Certificate Supplement free of charge in Greek and English by selecting one of the following sections.


Have you passed the Vocational Training Institute graduation exam and have you obtained the VET diploma? Find your specialty and download the Europass Certificate Supplement free of charge in Greek and English.



Europass Certificate Supplement for VET -IEK graduates


Vocational Training Diploma Initial Vocational Training (I.E.K.) Level 5. Specialty of I.E.K:


Europass Certificate supplements for Post-Secondary – Apprenticeship Year’ Graduates of the Vocational High Schools (EPAL)


Europass Certificate Supplement for Specialty of I.E.K. after compulsory education



For VET providers

You may find and dowload the avaialble ECS and provide it to your students after their success in the  certification examinations that are held from EOPPEP   

Your vocational qualification + Europass Certificate Supplement = the perfect combination when applying for a job or course in another European country.

Learn more 

About qualifications in Greece and qualification recognition systems in Europe (qualification frameworks)

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