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Certificate Supplement

What is it

A document describing the knowledge and skills acquired by holders of vocational training certificates. It provides additional information to that already included in the official certificate and/or transcript, making it more easily understood, especially by employers or institutions abroad.

Who is it for

Any person who holds a vocational education and training certificate.

What it is not

The Europass Certificate Supplement is not:

  • A substitute for the original certificate
  • An automatic system that guarantees recognition.

Europass Certificate Supplement for Vocational Training Diploma Initial Vocational Training (I.E.K.) Level 5 Specialty of I.E.K

Europass Certificate supplements for Post-Secondary – Apprenticeship Year’ Graduates of the Vocational High Schools (EPAL)

Europass Certificate Supplement for Specialty of I.E.K. after compulsory education